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Isle of Jura Superstition

Jura verdict: Hay

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@vanPeltReview by @vanPelt

26th Jun 2013


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Nose#1: At first, lovely thick dark honey and flowers over lightly smoldering hay. Nose#2: Gets much lighter, the peat almost imperceptible; therefore quite similar to the unpeated Original/10yo expression-- including that "agave/beer" Jura aroma, which eventually dissipates.
Nose#3: Lightly salted grass, just delicately sweet with honey; maybe accents of orange pith and macadamia, if you're looking for them.

Palate: Sour grass to light salty hay on the entrance. The only sweetness is very thin caramel. Midpalate transitions to earthy (brazil) nuts and coffee grounds. Follow-up spices are like pine or white pepper.

Finish: Sweet hay, slight peppermint and anise at back of tongue.

This most begs for comparison with the Jura Original/10yo, especially since peat is nearly absent in the Superstition. They have similarities in character: they are both quite delicate and the both have that indescribable Jura scent. However, there are notable differences. At first, the Superstition's aroma is somehow richer and sweeter; but long breathing time (>15 min.) reverses this, making the 10yo sweeter (like a macaroon), whereas the Superstition dries (to chalk and hay). Meanwhile, the Superstition's palate is also a little drier and paler-- more "hay", rather than the 10yo's apricot. For my palate, the Original wins out, if it has had adequate breathing time. To best enjoy the Superstition though, I suggest instead enjoying it upfront, without substantial oxidation.

If you want more peat plus some richness beyond this delicate grassiness, the Prophecy expression provides more depth- and a little more 'bite'.

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