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Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack

Jack of some trades...

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@TheFiliReview by @TheFili

28th Oct 2011


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So, my first review. I figured I'd start with this bottle, since even if I mess it up, there'll be no harm done. Incidentally, that was the same way I came to own it. I was looking for something to take to a birthday party that was a tad above ordinary, but that I wouldn't miss, should it not survive the evening. For about 20€, the Gentleman fit the bill pretty well.

The colour is pretty standard amber, maybe a bit on the light side. The legs take their time in flowing down the walls of my nosing glass. The first impression, as always with this one, is its typical glue note. It also reminded me of a dentist's, when you take one last whiff of the typical smell on your way out. After concentrated sniffing, I also made out some wood hay and raisins.

The taste is pretty mild, my associations were wood again, leather, a hint of nut and pepper. But on the whole, I had the feeling there was a hole in the taste, as if part of it just hadn't bothered to show up.

The finish didn't so much vanish as run off and hide behind the back teeth - it was still there, just not very noticable or pronounced.

Adding a bit of water didn't seem to do anything, except bring a slight honey note to the nose.

On the whole, the bottle was worth the price and for some evenings, it served as a whiskey to offer those who appreciate a slight (!) increase in quality. Unremarkable, but serviceable.

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