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Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack

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Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack

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A prestigious version of the good ol' no. 7, that was refined two times and " charcoal mellowed again after reaching maturity". Not adventurous, nor daring, Sweet as expected, fruity, and greasy, this is an enjoyable easy-drinking beverage. Worth the extra? I think it does.

I got this bottle from my wife, after winning a bet (it wasn't a fair bet, I KNEW I was right but she insisted, so...). Anyhow, having not payed for my drink, I think it tasted better than if I had to buy it...

You wife admits when she's wrong AND buys you whiskey? Where did you find this dreamgirl?

Only in Israel....sigh


I'm not a great lover of No.7 neat but it serves it's purpose with mixers on holiday in the sun, this expression has most of the flavour removed by the second filtration. The basics are still present sweetness with a bit of ripe fruit and charcoal not a great deal else, it is so lifeless I think I would prefer a cup of tea.

I bought this as I was having a group of non whisky drinkers over for a bourbon tasting, not one of them had tried any true bourbon but everyone had drunk JD at some point so got 3 Tennessee Whiskeys too break them in gently.

All 3 unanimously bottom 3 although I would never turn down another glass of the JD single barrel or Silver Select I don't think they are value for money compared to WT, Four Roses and Blanton's.

A couple of them enjoyed this until they tasted Buffalo Trace, then Four Roses Sm Batch the Blanton's Original was most people's favourite on the night with FR 1B close behind. It was a sorry last place for this poor effort but the other 2 JD's had a couple of them teetering but the cost to quality ratio is just not worth it.

I agree - this whisky serves no purpose in the universe.


Honey & mellow charcoal taste and nose (toffe & pear) without the harshness...and the sourness of Old No.7 Warm soft finish with quality taste lingering in the mouth.For me this is better than the single barrel.


I bought this for my son-in-law’s Christmas present, and upon asking him what he wanted to drink he immediately replied “we’d better open this then !”

My first Tennessee whiskey (yes, whisky with the ‘e’) and #27 of my journey. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised.

A really smooth whiskey. I’m not sure that it is that ‘rare as it states on the label, I have seen it in most supermarkets!

This was introduced in 1988 and was the first new whiskey from the Jack Daniel Distillery in more than 100 years. Gentleman Jack is charcoal-mellowed twice, before and after the ageing process, resulting in a cleaner, more refined end product – well that’s what they say ! I haven’t tried the standard JD – may have done years ago, but it would have been with ice and coke most likely.

The nose is very sweet, honey and vanilla, burnt brown sugar and charcoal. Similar on the palate, very smooth and syrupy, a little fruit too. Finish is short and sweet, a little charcoal and spice.


So, my first review. I figured I'd start with this bottle, since even if I mess it up, there'll be no harm done. Incidentally, that was the same way I came to own it. I was looking for something to take to a birthday party that was a tad above ordinary, but that I wouldn't miss, should it not survive the evening. For about 20€, the Gentleman fit the bill pretty well.

The colour is pretty standard amber, maybe a bit on the light side. The legs take their time in flowing down the walls of my nosing glass. The first impression, as always with this one, is its typical glue note. It also reminded me of a dentist's, when you take one last whiff of the typical smell on your way out. After concentrated sniffing, I also made out some wood hay and raisins.

The taste is pretty mild, my associations were wood again, leather, a hint of nut and pepper. But on the whole, I had the feeling there was a hole in the taste, as if part of it just hadn't bothered to show up.

The finish didn't so much vanish as run off and hide behind the back teeth - it was still there, just not very noticable or pronounced.

Adding a bit of water didn't seem to do anything, except bring a slight honey note to the nose.

On the whole, the bottle was worth the price and for some evenings, it served as a whiskey to offer those who appreciate a slight (!) increase in quality. Unremarkable, but serviceable.


If you like Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 but it a bit harsh, this one's for you. A good bodied, light amber smoother whisky, with aromas of sulphur, pine, honey and caramelized pear. Tastes much like the No. 7 (licorice, caramel, spice, vanilla) but a little fruitier (apple and pear) and smoother with the pepper. A smoky, mellow finish. I like the original's harshness, so for me this didn't quite cut it - but a friendlier version of the classic.


This is definitely a step up from the run of the mill Jack Daniels but it was nothing I could get really excited about. I had two fingers with a cube of ice and it was still a bit rough on the edges. Jack in my mind is a mixing whisky and it was not easy to drink straight, even the higher end Jack. Money could be better spent elsewhere...

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