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Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Barrel Strength Whisky

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27th Jun 2020


Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Barrel Strength Whisky
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I have drank quite a bit of Jack over the last few years, mainly the Master Distiller editions, but also the rye and the 45% single barrel versions. It has a sweet, rather perfumed style that, when I'm in the mood, can be very quaffable and satisfying. I can also add that any JD goes well with BBQ!

This one though has been on my desired list for a good few years but other than very expensive, and rare, Maison du Whisky bottlings, this was hard to come by. That is until naughty uncle Amazon started stocking this at the eye-catchingly reasonable price of £55. I have since added another to the stash and it looks like I did so in the nick of time as they are now £95. Such is the way of the whiks(e)y world and yet another reason (not that we need one, right?) why we should stock up when we know we are getting a good deal.

Bottle is just less than half full, been open about four months and the review is neat.

Nose - Immediately deep and rich with treacle (bonfire) toffee notes, fresh charred oak and some Parma Violet sweets lurking in the background. Some charred vanilla and hot cinnamon gobstoppers too. Quite some wood glue/acetone as well but here it seems part of the whole rather than a flaw, per se.

If sipping neat, leaving the glass for a good twenty minutes is advisable to help smooth out the rawer edges. This is 64.5%!

Taste - Thick, sweet, drying and floral notes burst on the tongue. More treacle toffee and heavy char notes mixed in with yet more hot cinnamon, rose water and a little chewed pencil. Superb mouth coating and resinous texture. This is a 'chewer'.

Finish - Longish but quite drying with the tannins starting to dominate at the tail. Some of that treacle toffee also hangs around.

A little water definitely opens the nose up, increasing the char and Violet sweet notes. Becomes thinner on the palate and ramps up the heat (cinnamon) and oak notes on the finish. I also quite like this on ice from time to time and the abv definitely allows for it - it becomes much sweeter when chilled, less expressive perhaps, but much more quaffable.

This is the best JD I've ever had and it was a steal at the original price, it has to be said. I think neat, but very slowly, or on ice are the way to go with this one. Big and muscular Tennessee whiskey that really showcases what they are capable of. World's most popular whiskey for a reason?

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BlueNote commented

@RianC I agree: stock up when the deal is happening or shed tears later. The price rarely, if ever, goes back down.

3 years ago 1Who liked this?

casualtorture commented

I've finished 2 bottles of this over the last 2 years. It's great barrel proof whiskey. Luckily I can take the 45min drive to the distillery (when there isn't a pandemic anyway) and pick these up whenever my heart desires. I think these are pretty underrated for the price and they give ECBP a run for the money (sometimes).

3 years ago 3Who liked this?