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Jack Daniel's average rating is 79/100 from 80 reviews and 268 ratings

Jack Daniel's reviews

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Jack Daniel's Single Barrel

Hard To Figure Out Jack Daniel's Single Barrel

I bought this one to try a different JD. It pours a nice deep amber, and leaves an oily ring on the glass. I had it both neat and with about a half teaspoon of water. Undiluted, I did not pick up any…

mBy @mhock66 about one year ago 2 675

Jack Daniel's Rye

A rich, refined rye Jack Daniel's Rye

Nose: aromatic and instantly likable. Clean wood aromas are joined by the characteristic mint and dill of a rye-heavy mash bill. Taste: vanilla leads the way, becoming hot and spicy as it sits on the…

@MegawattBy @Megawatt about one year ago 2 3083

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel

A Pleasant Surprise Jack Daniel's Single Barrel

So here comes another JD review where the first thing the writer does is apologise for drinking JD ;) OK? Right, now that's out of the way let's crack on . . .Before I got heavily into whisky (or…

@RianCBy @RianC about one year ago 4 986

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