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Jameson 18 Year Old

Vanilla and Old Oak

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@VictorReview by @Victor

5th Oct 2012


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This review is made from two different bar samples from two different bottles at different times and places. The two samples which were used tasted and smelled very similar to one another.

Nose: vanilla, hint of confectioner's sugar, light lemon-citrus; not too much intensity

Taste: lots more flavour in the mouth, especially much more citrus, than in the nose; substantial toffee and vanilla, with some wine notes becoming noticeable in the mouth

Finish: all the flavours stay strong for a relatively long finish. Nice, but heavy on the toffee, and the oak seems a little tired

Balance: the parts fit together well, except that I would have preferred a stronger nose. Bar samples were used for this review, so I would also hope to later taste a newly opened bottle for contrast, to see whether oxidation changed the original flavours very much in the samples reviewed

Bottom line for me: the wood tastes tired to me here, and so I prefer the Jameson 12 yo Special Reserve to this Jameson 18 yo

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talexander commented

Funny, I always enjoy the first dram of this, but on the 2nd dram find that it just gets too oaky for me, and somewhat mouth-drying and tannic.

7 years ago 0

Victor commented

@talexander, you have said it well, though the qualities you enumerate appear to me on the first dram as well.

7 years ago 0

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