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Jim Beam Black Label

Premium Bourbon in Disguise

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@OJKReview by @OJK

14th Aug 2010


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Nose, Taste, Finish and Balance are graded out of 2.5 each:

Nose: Luxurious pistachio ice-cream and crunchy nougat, with some fresh sweet-corn thrown in for good measure. A beautiful balance of corn and rye. The Jim Beam Black aroma is such a distinct one, and one that I never grow tired of. 2.5

Taste: Medium bodied and oily. The sweet-corn is the first to bed down on the palate, before a strong oily liquorice takes over, flanked by a mild spice from the rye. 2.0

Finish: Oily black liquorice in between two slices of ginger-cake. Quite short with a touch of jalapeno spice on the exit. 2.0

Balance: A truly complex and distinct bourbon, with its pistachio nut and liquorice character, and one that is so endlessly drinkable. Dressed in its guise of a bar-shelf whiskey, this is very much a premium bourbon for your everyday needs. 2.0

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drewberryg commented

The Jim Beam Black Label is certainly in my top 5, the distinct smell and flavours, the liquorice flavour backed by spices bring this whisky alive.

13 years ago 0

LeBudfrumHull commented

I was really surprised how good this bourbon was when I first tasted it. I wasn't expecting much when I first opened it , but that first sip made my take notice that this was more than just an average bourbon. Now I like it more than Gentleman Jack or Makers Mark, and it cost less than both of those.

12 years ago 0

flyfish commented

Jim Beam (4 year old, White Label) was my introduction to bourbon in 1967. I didn't like it--too rough for my tender young mouth. Last fall I visited the distillery where I met Jim's older brother (8 year old, Black Label). Wow! What a revelation! One of us--or both of us--matured considerable since that first encounter. I prefer slightly higher end bourbons like Knob Creek, Eagle Rare, and Evan Williams Single Barrel but Black Label has become my "everday" bourbon.

12 years ago 0

MyLoSyRo commented

@OJK you nailed it! It's the hint of "ginger-cake". * epiphany * As noted in my profile, JB Black is a staple for me and I always recognized the (ginger) sour-twang on my palate after swallowing but could never put my finger on what it was. It is a very subtle almost sour moment that disappears quickly and that I find enjoyable ....it is sandwiched between the vanilla nose-and-tail of this very enjoyable bourbon. Thank you for your insightful assessment.

10 years ago 0

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