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John E. Fitzgerald "Larceny" 92 Proof


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@NockReview by @Nock

19th Apr 2014


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Still on the quest for a decent price bourbon for cocktails, cooking, and the occasional sipping. Price to quality is the key. With that in mind I picked up a 50mL miniature of Larceny to try.

Nose: Hot on the nose! (keep in mind I am drinking this next to Wild Turkey 101 and Old Granddad 114!) It is sharp with a hint of sweet and sour. Not very sweet; probably the least sweet in contrast to WT 101 and OG114. So the most mellow nose? Certainly a balance of sweet and sour . . . but nothing is standing out. More oranges and limes then brown sugar and lemon (which is still there; just not as dominant).

Taste: Very smooth mouth feel. Now some tart lemon with a hint of sweetness in the background.

Finish: There is a nice amount of woodiness followed by a warming sweetness. A few interesting waves of flavors (lavender? honey? Wood chips?). But it isn’t that long of a finish. Still, it is a “waves” experience as opposed to the “big bang.”

Balance, Complexity: What it lacks in complexity it make up for in balance. This is certainly a well balanced bourbon. Not too sweet or too sour. The main place to find the complexity is on the finish.

Aesthetic experience: It feels a little over “marketed” so I don’t love it. I do like the ABV at 46 . . . but I don’t love the bottle shape. I like a more traditional look to my bourbon bottle.

Conclusion: At around $30 (including tax) here in Virginia I am unlikely to try this again. For that price point there are bourbons I like far more out there. I like power, depth of flavor, and muscle in my bourbon. That said, if you like your bourbon balanced and smooth then give this one a try.

For me this is a B/B-

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