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Kavalan Ex-Bourbon (not Solist)

Hey, it's a whisky that's a bourbon!

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RReview by @RikS

30th May 2019


Kavalan Ex-Bourbon (not Solist)
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Nose: the bourbon casks on this one must have been first fill, or even with some bourbon slashing around, cause the bourbon element is strong. That unmistakeable type of sweetness. Some sugared popcorn. Green banana. Plenty tropical fruit. Not yet ripened papaya. Apple peels. Some nose-tickling wood spice. Someone could have fooled me that this was from across the pond.

Palate: Pretty oily viscosity. Tingling spices. Gummi bears. Warming. A bit towards the dry side, but not in the typical tannin way. Sweet, but nice for once that the sweetness isn't of the sherry variety. The tropical elements, so to speak, are reminiscent of Amrut Fusion.

Finish: pretty long in fact. Wood spice lingering and the gummi bears are mixing and becoming more petroleum jelly.

This is a bit unusual, but nicely so. I can see how I'll want to come back to this one - when the mood sets in. Could this be my bridge into bourbon!? It has elements of the few experiences I've had with Rye in there too. I'd almost venture to say that **this is what I'd imagine that 3 parts Amrut Fusion and 1 part Lot40 could taste like...

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