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Knob Creek 9 Year Old

This Knob's for You

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@SpartanReview by @Spartan

8th Oct 2009


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A solid American bourbon. It is always consistent, always available, priced well and always great.

Any bar will always have the likes of Jack Daniels and Jim Beam. However, this would be my first choice when breaking away from the standard bar fare without breaking the bank.

Knob Creek can be consumed straight and is pleasant in a snifter due to its viscous texture and intense maple musky bouquet. However, I prefer it in a rocks glass with an ice cube or two, because it is intensely strong. This is the kind of whiskey that you want to swirl around in the glass while watching the legs creep down. It is POWERFUL, and is about as subtle as a death fart in a crowded elevator. It also melts ice more quickly than salt.

An inexperience whiskey drinker can appreciate it due to its sweetness, but I would certainly recommend a few ice cubes to dilute the high alcohol content.

It is perfect for a cold winter's evening, and goes very well in a flask for those times when you feel the hair on your chest thinning.

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JohnoftheYard commented

I'm a fan of most of these Slightly above the norm bourbons, as and American which do you rate the most? I can't see past the Woodford reserve myself, the sweet toffee and smokey flavours blow me away.

11 years ago 0

BAllanson commented

JohnoftheYard, we're in complete agreement. For me, there is Woodford Reserve and everything else. I enjoy this Knob Creek well enough, but a bourbon that needs to be cut like this one requires to be enjoyed, (for me) automatically gives it a back seat to a more sophisticated one, and again, the standard for me is WR.

11 years ago 0

Jay commented

Nice review, must agree with the praise for this Bourbon. Have had it a couple of times and sincerely enjoyed every drop!

10 years ago 0

masterj commented

Reading your review this is exactly how I remember Knob Creek to be! As you so put it, it does indeed put the hairs back on your chest. I just don't know what has happened to this Whiskey. I just reviewed it and I am very disappointed with it.

8 years ago 0

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