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Knob Creek 9 Year Old


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28th Mar 2021


Knob Creek 9 Year Old
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Knob Creek Small Batch 9 Year Old lost its age statement for awhile, but it’s back. Fred Minnick stated in a recent video that there’s “a ton of 9 Year Knob Creek in the Beam warehouses”. I was lukewarm on the KC Single Barrel at first but the bottle really grew on me with time. The 9 Year 100 proof Knob Creek is a bit more consistent from start to finish.

Tasting Notes

Neat from a Glencairn

  • Nose: vanilla, nutmeg, warm cornbread, caramel, damp oak
  • Palate: a little thinner than I would like, but it’s still easy to sip, caramel, damp oak, nutmeg, something a bit farmy (wet hay), a very faint nutty note, pecans maybe.
  • Finish: longer than I expected, yet still drying, vanilla, oak, “farminess”, cloves, brown sugar, pecans
  • Thoughts: Knob Creek isn’t as sweet as most bourbons. I like the dry, oaky character it’s got going on. I perceive the oak as damp, almost musty but in a very pleasant way. If I may permit myself a flight of fancy, I would compare it to being in an old barn during a rainstorm. KC is also my bourbon of choice for an Old Fashioned as the addition of simple syrup doesn’t take it into “cloyingly sweet” territory, and the bitters add a beautiful depth to the drink.

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RianC commented

Nice review, thanks. I hope this comes to UK shores but I'm not holding my breath at the moment.

My experiences with Beam products haven't been amazing but I did like the Booker's, so I know I can get on with it. I'd like to try this though - that OF description got my mouth watering too ...

3 years ago 1Who liked this?

RianC commented

I wonder if the 'damp oak' note you refer to is the same one as what I described as 'peanut shell' in my review? I could certainly see how damp oak would go a ways to describing it. There's definitely a musty thing going on here.

2 years ago 0