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Knob Creek 9 Year Old

Tasty Oak

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@GotOak91Review by @GotOak91

14th Dec 2013


Knob Creek 9 Year Old
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Hola gentlemen, I acquired this little mini as I was buying a mix and match 6 pk at a local liquor store. Amazing little bottle, its a little more square then the fifth and it still has a black wax dipped top.

Color: Dark Amber

Nose: Sweet notes of brown sugar, honey, caramel covered apple slices, and caramel corn. Kind of one dimensional with an underlying theme as you can see. But with time sweet mint, dry cocoa, cut lumber, and honeysuckle flowers dart their heads out of the caramel laden shadows just to fall back in.

Body: Full and rich. Tongue coating and tingling. Medium-thin yet very slow moving legs down the side of the glass.

Palate: Things take a turn from the nose. Going from a relaxing drive in the countryside on a sunny Sunday afternoon to twists and turns of racing through a storm in the woods. Spicier and a little bitter, a bit of a contrast from the nose. Notes of fall baking spices, a little pepper, nutty notes (i.e. walnuts and pecans) lots of oak comes along (fresh lumber, newly assembled barrels). Not similar to the nose at all to me anyways.

Finish: Lingering and drying oak notes, added tingling spices. Dries out the palate quite well.

Overall: Since I have a mini I cant see how this oxidises. Yet it is tasty, worth buying a fifth and trying again. Maybe a re-review later.

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