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Koval Rye Whiskey

The Great Gatsby, the new version

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28th May 2014


Koval Rye Whiskey
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Rye whisky has really grabbed my attention lately, so I was excited to get samples from the Koval range: I tasted their Single Barrel Organic Rye Whiskey and White Rye Whiskey. Both are fresh and innovative drams, White Rye being very experimental.

Koval White Rye didn't feel good at all at first. I was ready to give it a 70 point score. Scents more like solvents...but after some time, while resting in the glass, it turned into a very progressive whisky. Not a great dram, but very okay and funky. Very much like gin. A crossbreed of gin and whisky.

Like a remake of some good and old recipe. The new version of "The Great Gatsby" came to my mind. F. Scott Fitzgerald was a fan of gin, especially Gin Rickey, which is also mentioned in "The Great Gatsby". I have to say, I really did like to take my Koval White Rye with "long, greedy swallows."

Nose: Stingy solvent kind of aromas at first, very fermented. Let it rest in the glass: smooths very much, like gin, juniper berries dominate!

Taste: Sour, the feel of juniper is still there. Gin influences very much at first but if you really chew it, the rye steps in. Fresh and grainy. Adding water makes the rye sweeter and fresher and salt and pepper come out. Feels like the edge of a Mojito glass!

Finish: Notes of gin and juniper berries are strong. And the feel of spirit. Water makes it too smooth but freshens the aftertaste nicely and makes it more dry.

Balance: Funky dram, like listening some progressive rock or metal. Tricky but I like it!

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