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Koval American Oat White Whiskey

Organic Unaged 100% Oat Whiskey

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@VictorReview by @Victor

22nd Apr 2011


Koval American Oat White Whiskey
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Koval is a craft or artisan distillery in Chicago which makes a variety of products, including various white (unaged) whiskies and liqueurs. The Koval American Oat White Whiskey is made from 100% organic oats and bottled at 40% ABV.

Nose: Amazingly, the nose is overwhelmingly sweet, with only the faintest hint of anything sour. This is rare for unaged whiskey. Oats are only slightly in evidence in the nose. This is also actually perfumed and somewhat floral smelling, again something rare in unaged whiskeys.

Taste: Strong clean smooth oat flavour, similar to oatmeal, with the balance including both sweet and sour, but much more sweet than sour. In the world of unaged whiskey, this is very tasty stuff.

Finish: The oat flavours last long, longer than is typical for 40% ABV new make. The sweet does depart before the sour, which is typical for new make, but overall, the finish is definitely above average for this genre.

Balance: The sweetness on the palate gives this a better sense of balance than most unaged whiskeys possess. The flavours are rather nice and come across very well and strongly for an unaged whiskey watered down to 40% ABV. The makers of these artisanal unaged spirits seem to be marketing them more for cocktail mixing than for connoisseur-sipping neat. I think this is quite a pity, since every one I have tasted has been much more interesting undiluted. This is a very good one, though, and if you like the taste of oats, I suggest that you try it.

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