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Lagavulin 16 Year Old


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FReview by @Fubar1367

25th Nov 2013


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Though not my GO-TO Dram becasue of price, this is by far the best on the market... The most complex Single malt their is.. Whoosh this dram around your mouth and you'll get shivers down your spine. It has layers and layers of Sherry, oakiness, Peat smokiness, fruity sweetness, creamy vanilla, and a spicy finish that stays and stays, and stays.. I can't say it enough... THE BEST THERE IS!

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Rigmorole commented

I disagree with your extremely high score. Thanks for sharing your tasting notes.

9 years ago 0

Fubar1367 commented

My scores are very subjective I know... Its a personal thing not based on any real thought.. I do appreciate you bringing it up though... You'll see most of my scores are either I hate it or I love it... Very few in the middle... I just tried the 1994 Distilers Edition and it's even better than the 16..... In reality its almost impossible for me to quantify... The scores are just numbers to me anyway.. I know I shuld take them more seriously. I'm sure as my palet expands I will... My dream is to go to Islay and sample them direct from the distilleries... What is your favorite, I know its tough but I how judge it is if I was ever stranded on a deserted island which dram must I have with me?...

Thanks again,


9 years ago 0

numen commented

@Fubar1367, don't worry about it. All scoring is subjective, and really serves a boost in conjunction with tasting notes. Some things inspire an emotional response and score. I'll admit to having a few like that -- a few scores that, if I could re-do them, I would. They just struck a particular cord with me that I gave them extremely high scores (e.g. my first few pours of Compass Box Flaming Heart 10th Anniversary.) Some people score down their tasting notes to account for that and convey a sense of perspicacity. With experience, you'll find your zone and your comfort level, and others will have a sense of how to interpret your notes if they so choose.

It happens with most people; I think that a few bloggers in the past few months highlighted some of their first reviews to show just how much their palate has changed, and how they've moved on the journey through whiskies. I applaud them for doing so. Rather than think of any review, set of tasting notes, or score as authoritative (yours or others'), think of them as a snapshot of a person's perspective at a particular point on their journey. Most of all, just enjoy it!

9 years ago 0

PeatyZealot commented

Wow 100! Haha how would you score this one if it were at cask strength? I think I would have gave it the same score when I first drank it and I'd still place it in the middle part of my currant top 10. Bet you'd love Caol Ila 18 too

9 years ago 0

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