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Laphroaig 10 Year Old

From the peaty shores of the Atlantic

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@dXIIIrReview by @dXIIIr

16th Nov 2009


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This was my third excursion in the world of peated malts. My introduction being the mild Talisker 10y, followed by a sherried/peated BenRiach 12y, this Laphroaig was my first experience with a fullbodied Islay peatbomb.

My expectations with this dram where high - as in it had to be close to the summit of peatiness -, and I must say it didn't disappoint.

Welcome to Peatland. The nose kicks off with loads of peat and iodine covering a slight fruitiness and faint smoke of slightly burned wood. All of this without tingling my nostrils too much 'though, as it has this smooth feel to it.

What can I say? The fullbodied taste can't possibly hide the peat, and I had to search hard for the wood and nuts that accompany it.

After a while, once you get used to the peat, the storm lays down and as a forest that awakens after the rains, this dram opens up its fruitiness and cedarwood aromas. Or maybe someone opened up a bag of winegums?

The aftertaste is kind off dry and maybe even bitter and tends to stick around for a while. Long enough to make it 'till the next sip, that's for sure, but an idiot that keeps those next ones waiting...Please give me more!

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Arup commented

This is what got me into peated malts thanks to my good friend Charles Savage. It has always remained one of my regulars along with Cutty Sark which is the only blend I seem to prefer.

9 years ago 0

jdcook commented

The laphroaig 10 year old is a good dram, no doubt about it, but when compared to the lagavulin 16, or the ardbeg 10, I find it falls a half-star behind. Mind you, Laphroaig definitely raised the bar with the quartercask - now that is a brilliant peat monster... ;)

9 years ago 0

dXIIIr commented

A half peat-star perhaps, but I find this one a bit more complex than the Lagavulin 16y, which is without a doubt more pronounced.

9 years ago 0

Carl commented

Tonight, this is a little slice of heaven! I started my evening with the Black Grouse, then the Lagavulin 1994 Distillers Edition. Now, this Laphroaig 10 year is the best so far. After this glass, I will be opening a new bottle of the Laphroaig Quarter Cask. That will be the last of the evening, of course, as it will completely rob my taste buds of all feeling for any other whisky! That, to me, is a good thing by the way. For now, though, I just can't get over the unbelievable combination of smoke, peat and smoothness. Some evenings, I prefer the 10 year to the Quarter Cask. Unfortunately, I cannot find a single bottle of 10 year Cask Strength anywhere in Western Canada. I do feel fortunate, however, that there is an abundance of Quarter cask available. The 10 year is more scarce, and I am thinking of buying a couple more bottles just because I am afraid that soon I may not be able to get any! Cheers, Carl

8 years ago 0

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