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Laphroaig 18 Old Particular

Consortium of cards

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14th Mar 2017


Laphroaig 18 Old Particular
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Douglas Laing continues to keep things fresh with one of the latest releases.. The consortium of cards is a limited release of Old Particular bottles that has been themed around a pack of cards.. The first release is an 18 year old Laphroaig that has matured in a single refill Butt, producing 665 bottles and is of course all natural ! Bottled at 50% abv..

When you first open a Laphroaig you kind of know what to expect and if your a fan then you know it’s going to be smoky with a little iodine for good measure so let’s see what this one has to offer.. My thoughts. Your instantly transported to the beach, with the barbecue finished, the waves lapping on the rocks, your feet cooling in the damp sand, its dark and there is a salty dampness in the early morning air, just a few feet away the once roaring fire is starting to smoulder, the damp wood is crackling and the smoke is rising through the spitting fire. You reach into your pocket for something to eat but all you have is some dark toffee and a few segments of the Orange chocolate infused with ginger that you shared out earlier, someone offers you one of those fruit salad sweets you used to eat as a kid and a little cinder toffee and you wonder off into your own little world.. After a few minutes of fruity dreaming you reach down for a thick damp branch that is just smouldering on the edge of the fire and write your name in the darkness, the wafting smoke fills your nostrils and eyes and stains your clothes with the scent of ash, once again you feel the urge to eat toffee apples and vanilla fudge, liquorice sticks and burnt apple strudel.. Alas is it all a dream or a distant memory… The power of the dram !! Thoughts.. This is a very nice Laphroaig that just draws you ! The first sip dries upon impact and leaves you dreaming of days gone by.. Smokey, fruity and full of those typical Laphroaig notes.. A real stonking Islay malt and very worthy of carrying the Douglas Laing Stamp..

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GoodVintage commented

evocative review @sorren I could smell the coastal air

7 years ago 1Who liked this?

sorren commented

Thanks.. it's a very typical Laphroaig with a little twist

7 years ago 1Who liked this?