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Laphroaig 21 Year Old cask strength

Definitive Laphroaig

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@TheFitzReview by @TheFitz

17th Jun 2010


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Bottle 824 of 1427. Bottled out of 9 casks. Not sure the year of the bottling.

Nose: the first thing I notice is the alcohol. Followed shortly by a world of scent, soft berries backed by caramel only to give way to a spiced iodine. Reminds me of a Speyside malt. Spice rushes in, orange zest and clove! An earthy smoke is wtorking well with woody, plain grass. The nose is not your typical Laphroaig whisky, more refined, less smoke, and a bolder character than the 10 year old cask. Sweet vanilla and bitter chocolate.

Body: dry, viscous whisky. Beautifully broad. Candied fruit, seaweed, and fennel. The seagulls on Lake Superior add to the experience. very sweet upfront, like Apple crisp, which contains shredded rubber.
A whiskey old fashion press with extra maraschino cherries. Great texture and feel.

Palate: sweet drain ditch mint and pineapple! Hot coals, tar and brine are followed by burnt bark. Very soothing and awakening, great phenols. The smoothest cask strength offering I have had. The angels enjoyed this one and took plenty making the alcohol straight from wood a surprisingly low at 53.4. Very juicy fruit with a leather belt to beat the juice out. Earth tones turn into a hospital bed pan full of peat. Once again less smoke, more iodine. Superbly long finish. Very long.

Overall, this is a fantastic whisky. Great balance of wood, peat and smoke. A true expression of Laphroaig character. A much more refined and expressive whisky than the younger 10 year. A bit pricey, but worth the treat. 94 points. 9 stars.

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OJK commented

Beautiful description!! That whisky appears to be quite a muse!

12 years ago 0

scribe commented

Wow, sounds gorgeous. Might have to finish off my Quarter-Cask quickly so I can justify a new Laphroaig ;)

12 years ago 0

jeanluc commented

The colour looks amazingly rich (in this photo anyway)

12 years ago 0

TheFitz commented

This bottle is actually clear, as many of the other bottlings are green. Maybe that is why the color appears so.

12 years ago 0

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