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Laphroaig Cairdeas

Portwood 2013

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@MaltActivistReview by @MaltActivist

14th Sep 2013


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This is an unusual Laphroaig and I suspect not a terribly successful one. And I mean that only because I hold Laphroaig to very lofty standards. I'm a huge fan of Laphroaig so don't get me wrong.

Firstly it's pink. Now I'm not fickle about color but pink is not what I associate with whisky. But let's move on; it's just a minor point.

The nose is interesting as it wrestles between it's signature aromas and the new ones that the portwood is forcing on it. There's the nice peat and the familiar meat stew that is quite Laphroaig. However, the iodine is missing and it's replaced by pink melon, red grapefruit, guava and, as my brother pointed out, brown bread. It's not bad but it can be a little confusing.

The palate is where I feel it does not deliver to it's full potential. There is first the smoky barbeque with a pinch of turmeric. Then a hastily arranged basket of berries and red plums. It's a muddle really but to be fair it's not disastrous.

The medium finish has a touch of oaky mint and spice.

I suspect this one will have two camps. The ones who love it and the ones who hate it. And to court controversies from both I have decided to plant my self right in the middle.

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Rigmorole commented

Love your honesty. That's worth so much to other connosrs, Well done.

6 years ago 0

MaltActivist commented

Thanks @rigmorole - really nothing to hide here. I was looking forward to this one so you can understand my disappointment.

6 years ago 0

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