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Laphroaig Cairdeas

Cairdeas Origin 2012

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@tjbReview by @tjb

29th Nov 2013


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This limited run bottle was released in summer 2012. I was delighted to be lucky enough to get 2 bottles. This bottling combines some of the original liquid used to create the first Cairdeas. It's been further matured and complimented with newer spirit which has been matured in Quarter casks. This is has been non-chill filtered and bottled at cask strength at 51.2%.

Unusually for Laphroaig they have used clear glass bottles for this expression. It shows off the pale straw colouring perfectly.

The nose is pure Laphroaig. Smokey, peat, salted caramel. It has a butterscotch note found in the Cask Strength Batch 003 but softer.

On the palate you get the expected smoke up front. Big, soft and rolling smoke. This is sweeter and much more rounded than the 10, the QC is closer but this is more cunning. It's big, flavourful but smooth and rounded. I wanted to use the word subtle but in the context of a cask strength Laphroaig it seems misplaced.

The finish is long, spicy, salty and smokey. It is a wonderful bottle from the distillery that started my Whisky journey. I'm glad I have another as I will be sad when this one ends.

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paddockjudge commented

Very nice review, thank you @tjb, you make me want to open my bottle. I'm trying to locate another, just in case it is that good.

9 years ago 0

tjb commented

@paddockjudge I paid £45 for mine. I have seen them recently for £129 but I wouldn't buy another for that kind of money. It is very good but scarcity pricing is always misleading. It has big flavour in a gentle delivery. I am a big Laphroaig fan so I tend to score them well because I absolutely love them.

9 years ago 0

Victor commented

@tjb, thanks for your nice review. Really, I like just about everything which Laphroaig puts out. I am sorry that I missed 2012 Caideas last year. I had the chance to buy it even 10% cheaper than your price, but passed on it because the reviews of the previous releases of Caideas were not very good, some quite negative. It doesn't always pay to listen to what other people think...or to expect that the next release will taste like the last one. Likely I will go ahead and buy the next release when I can.

9 years ago 0

tjb commented

@victor, thanks for your kind words. Laphroaig is my first love so maybe I didn't like this as much when I first opened it as I thought it was too muted but it has grown on me. I am a sucker for everything they release.

9 years ago 0

Fubar1367 commented

I had a dram at a local pub in brooklyn and wow it was good. It cost me 45.00 US for the privilege... You only live once... ;-)

9 years ago 0

yori commented

If you have a way to get mail anywhere in Massachusets, or go in person to Mansfield, it's available now for $60 at Dubs's: www.dubsonline.com/sku119106.html !!!

9 years ago 0

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