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Ledaig 2005/2012 Riverstown

The Dragon

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@PandemoniumReview by @Pandemonium

25th Jul 2015


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An alternative title: ‘Hot burning sulphured egg’

Happened upon a description of this particular whisky on the whiskyfun website. And the description was so utterly fascinating that I just had to trace a sample down (no whole bottles to be found). This whisky was appointed a bronze medal by the maltmaniacs back in 2012, not bad but a closer look at the individual points on the scorecard paints a more nuanced picture. Highest score: 91, lowest 47. Now that should be a result that sets off a few alarms, not?

Description: A 6yo Lediag, matured in a sherry cask and bottled by Riverstown(Blackadder) at 64%

Nose: stinging alcoholic fumes, at first it’s even a challenge to get your nose close to the glass . A frail fleeing whiff of sherry and yes those boiled eggs, wood stain, sulphur smoke from used matches and cashew nuts, (with water added: less eggs, more sulphur smoke, fermenting grass clippings and kiwi)

Mouth: an alcoholic bite, tastes like ash water on the palate, drying your mouth. In a sublayer you'll find some notes of lemon squash, barley and burned biscuits. (with water added: overall gentler on the palate with enhanced bitter notes of orange peel)

Finish: long and drying: like having to work your way through a whale of a cigar, knowing that you bit off more than you could chew, but you just don’t have the heart to admit it. A bit of coconut in the tail helps it go down.

Verdict: wow, what happened here? This is amazing stuff. What am I saying? It is glorious! There is no way that this Lediag would ever appeal to the occasional whisky drinker, if Blackadder hadn’t bought this cask, it would probably have been poured down the sewer. It hits me where I live: utterly divine obscenity in a bottle.

For the rest of the evening I felt like an old dragon breathing sulphur smoke from his nostrils

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Ol_Jas commented

Yowza! Fun review. Nice work chasing some down.

I just bought my first Ledaig after otherwise only having one drink of the 10 YO OB at the bar. It's a 6 YO IB from The Ultimate and if it's anything CLOSE to this, I'll be pretty stoked. I think it's just straight bourbon maturation, though, so it'll probably be quite different. Even so, here's hoping for divine obscenity!

4 years ago 0

Pandemonium commented

Thanks, I've had four different independent Ledaigs over the last two months. They were all variations on the same profile, but each unique in their own way. Don't think I'll ever come across this kind of bottle again, it's like an experiment gone wrong, that somehow still made its way to the market. But I'll keep searching!

4 years ago 0

kian commented

Big fan of sherried ledaig too. Dont know if you use TWE site but they currently have a 10 Year Old First Fill Sherry Butt bottling from signatory - Cask 900175 in stock. Gonna be an epic Leadig for sure and no doubt will sell out in no time

4 years ago 0

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