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Longmorn 39 Year Old 1969 TWE 10th Anniversary

Orgasmus Olfactorius

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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

30th Oct 2011


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Oh, boy! What a dark whisky. The label says it’s a refill sherry cask. But still, so dark. Wow! Anyway, a few facts. This 39 Year Old Longmorn was bottled by Gordon & Macpahil in their CASK-range, especially for the 10th anniversary of the online retailer The Whisky Exchange. It has a cask strength of no less than 57,7%, even after almost four decades! Ooh, the anticipation…

Oh, my, this nose is a veritable feast for lovers of ‘deep sherry’. Blood oranges in port. Blackberries, maraschino cherries, dark chocolate, dried figs. Feisty with cinnamon and a kiss of pilipili. A bit zesty as well. Top shelf Kenia coffee (meaning bitter and slightly sour). Adding some water only enhances this fantastic first impression. An olfactory orgasm…

On the palate… The Kenia coffee does its job and makes your mouth dry. Boy, this is a powerful whisky. Ka-boom! But dark fruit is also present: figs and dades, pink grapefruit and even sweet strawberries. Very spicy. A few drops of water can’t hurt. It makes it somewhat less punchy, but also slightly tropical. It becomes better. A lot, in fact.

The finish lasts and lasts on the same dark fruits.

This is a feast (but you probably already guessed from the use of the pseudo Latin title). Unfortunately very hard to find these days. I recently saw it at an auctions for over 250 EUR. Wonderful on the palate and great finish, but it’s the nose that is simply top class. I guess it’s a public secret that the best Longmorn can be found in the warehouses of Gordon & Macphail, so keep an eye on their Longmorn releases. They never disappoint.

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coenleeuwen commented

at bestofwhisky.nl (recently opened) they do have, although limited, a selection of longmorn releases. 30 year old by gordon & MacPhail for example at €110

9 years ago 0

lucadanna1985 commented

this is a lot out of topic, but I saw the site and they've given age statements to both uigeadail (10 yo) and corryvreckan (9 yo)...are these age statements right (though I know those two whiskies have been "concocted" by adding much older spirit to the vat)?

9 years ago 0

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