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The Wolf From Campbeltown

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@Eye_lah_GuyReview by @Eye_lah_Guy

9th Jan 2012


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It’s mid-priced and arrives with no bells or whistles. It’s lesser known in this age of malt mania, and its region is sadly way past its whisky-making prime. It’s medium yellow appearance in the glass and lively, but buttery nose with a hint of malt is alarmingly similar to a $20 blend; it’s light to medium body belies the approaching storm…

Sweet honey on the tip of the tongue furthers the intrigue, but then, look out…the onset of earthy malt and smoked peat severely changes up the plan; now, we’re on the coast, and it’s getting choppy indeed; the balance that appears a tad lopsided on first pull due to the contrast between the top end honey and the bottom end malt makes more sense in time, especially in the glow of the intense, eye-crossing second half. The finish is of oak, malt, and seaweed, and has its foot on the neck of the sweetness for good measure.

I’m really feeling this whisky, and the feeling is that this is really good stuff. I’ll have another and report back…

(Note: The report is damn good.)

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