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Longrow CV

A Most Educational Whisky

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@OnibubbaReview by @Onibubba

12th Oct 2012


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After reading all of the glowing reviews, and seeing it had a comfortable $50.00 price point, I decided to give this a go. And am I ever glad I did. Not because it is a new favorite...It is not. But because I finally understand what peat is. The smell on this whisky is straight up quality Mezcal. If you have ever had Del Maguey Mezcal, you know this to be true. I got some of this aroma from Bruichladdich An Turas Mor. I wrote it off as "buttery" because I had not made the connection that this was what peat smelled like.

But wait a minute. I have had multiple expressions of Laphroaig. Several Ardbegs. Lagavulins and Taliskers. Aren't they all heavily peated whiskies? Why had I not picked up this aroma on them? I have no idea. They all tasted coastal: briney, salty. Iodine, medicinal, smokey. Not this.

This is Mezcal. This is vegetal. This is fusal. Is this, actually, PEAT???

Anyway, once I get under that aroma, there is some buried sherry sweetness, and a bit more of the iodine-like burn that I associate with Islay whiskies. The finish is moderate.

I still cannot get over the idea that I am drinking Mezcal. I have poured a glass of Del Maguey Crema RIGHT NOW. I am drinking them side by side. RIGHT NOW. And brother, were it not for appearance, I could no tell you which was which. If anything, the Mezcal is fruitier, sweeter, fresher, and the Whisky drier and more subtle. If I did not know better, and had these side by side, I would have thought the CV an Anjeo version of the Del Maguey Crema.

So, wow. A revealing whisky for me.

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systemdown commented

Nice review, peat is indeed a strange creature, manifesting itself differently in almost every peated whisky you find. Some impart smokiness, others an earthiness or herbaceous tang, sometimes bitter or sour, sometimes smooth, sometimes harsh.

Your review makes me want to try Mezcal. At least after Ralfy's little sidetrack on Tequila, Mezcal and Sotol on Youtube I now know a little about that stuff which I would not have taken the time to explore otherwise.

I have a bottle of Longrow CV on hand which I will be opening very soon, I wonder what peaty adventure awaits me there, according to my taste buds? I guess I'll be posting a full review in about 4 months after I've done my usual time course (and random) sampling. Cheers.

10 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

I will have a chance to pick up this bottle when my girlfriend travels to another state. It is unavailable in Oregon. I take it you recommend it highly, Onibubba? I do like subtler smoky/peaty savory drams other than the Islas. I think our taste in the Islas is similar. I also like the Beast. This CV seems like an interesting variation on the theme with elements of peat and sweet.

This one seems like a rare opportunity. I love a good Mezcal or Anejo. Thank you for your helpful review.

9 years ago 0

Onibubba commented

Lots of people here really like this one. For me, it is not a repeat purchase. I do not slam it in the rating because it is simply a taste that does not appeal to me when I want scotch. There is no defect, it is not poorly made, so I sill not grade it as such.

I guess what I am saying is that in my book, an 85 is a good whisky, a well made whisky, but not one that I would buy again. There are too many that I regard and rate higher.

It is a very unique taste. Have you had the Compass Box Flaming Heart 2012? Very similar. If you like that, this is a more focused version of that vegetal / mezcal peat taste.

I prefer the peat of the Laphroaig, Ardbeg, Lagavulin variety. More briney, medicinal, and smokey. Hope that helps!

9 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

Yes, it helps a lot. I may not buy a bottle of the CV. And if I do, just one. The OP21 will be two or three. It's my favorite semi-sweet one right now. Can't get it here in Oregon. Thanks, Onibubba. I like your style and you taste

9 years ago 0

OldJas commented

Hey Onibubba. Thanks for the mezcal comparisons. I've really been meaning to pick up a bottle of that Mexican beast. I've heard general comments (maybe from Ralfy) about mezcals appealing to fans of Islay peat, but I've never heard which specific mezcal bottling best hits those same notes.

Is there a particular mezcal -- or maybe a particular Del Maguey -- expression that you'd recommend for a stereotypical peat freak?

Cheers, thanks, and salutations.

9 years ago 0

paddockjudge commented

@Onibubba - this whisky will change in time _ nine weeks with 20% fill and my bottle rating changed from 85 t0 88...more smoke and a longer, sweeter finish

9 years ago 0

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