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Longrow Peated

Rain at sea

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LReview by @Lifewaterforce

17th Jan 2015


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This is the apparent replacement to the C.V, which was much appreciated by all of us whisky afficionados. It was introduced over a year ago and seemed to follow in the C.V's footsteps so i grabbed me a bottle. (advise: these notes are from late 2013)

Nose: Oily raincoat on a rainy day at the harbour, or close to the coast-line. Pungent peat (maybe self evident) but almost elegant compared to the usual almost charcoal-nature of the longrow peat. Some juicy fruit under the peat: Pear, baked pear, apples (yellow), quince (distinct and unusual), kiwi fruit. Some avocado and boston pickles rounds off this interesting nose.

Palate: Medium salty peat with a big cola-toffee note as its companion make up the arrival. Apples, pears and a very slight savoury lime note. Peaty but not fiery or pepppery, but like the nose: Oily pungent peat with juicy fruits, malt-sugars and cola.

Finnish Bitter cucumber skin and lemon oil, with the pungent peat finally rescessing from the banks.

Not better than some the C.V bottlings i've tried, but this is a very worthy successor nevertheless.

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Ol_Jas commented

The rain allusions are very appealing. I'll have to get one of these someday soon.

And Springbank is to be commended for putting out a new label that replaced the CV instead of just shifting the CV recipe over time. (Duplicitous "recipe shifting" is, of course, often cited as one of the prime problem with NAS whiskies like this.)

7 years ago 0

Lifewaterforce commented

If you love peat in general this is one to try as it is singular and familiar enough to appeal in "peat-terms". The "raincoat" feeling is definetely honest, you really get that feeling from this peat's pungent/damp nature. I definetely agree when it comes to Springbank, don't want to sound like a fanboy, but as much as i love the signature taste i also love their presentation as you put it. I definetely appreciated when they announced this version first for how it looked, secondly(or most importantly) the simple honesty that the recipe might be similar but that it is still a different spirit. Commendable behaviour for a producer, certainly gives them even more of my trust, and i understand the change as the C.V had, what? Four different casks as part of it's maturation?.

7 years ago 0

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