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Macallan 18 Year Old Sherry Oak

The Macallan 18 Sherry Oak. The ben

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@whiskydallasReview by @whiskydallas

17th Jul 2015


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This Speyside single malt is matured in Sherry oak casks from Jerez, Spain, for a minimum of 18 years. This spirit has been the staple of all luxury hotel bars, upscale dining establishments and corporate elites. This bottle was distilled in 1996 at 43% ABV. The nose foreshadows the whips of sweet toffee and chocolate notes that are to come. The scents of the seemingly perfectly aged oak and vanilla step forward. The amber spirit is as smooth as expected, with a growing, warm, caramel flavour; a touch of sweet honey, dark chocolate and espresso. Later on fig jam and milk chocolate linger to the finish. Viscous,, creamy, delicious. It is perfect on it's own. Enough said. Score 95/100.

Elegant, $$$, delicious, vanilla, milk chocolate, oak, honey

Macallan has been getting quite o bit of criticism for developing No Age Statement (NAS) 1824 Series of releases in order to keep up the the ever increasing demand for their high quality product., and they produce a lot. In my opinion much of the criticism is undeserved as they are doing what any business would do to maximize profit. As a consumer we drive production so we can chose to buy or not to buy. I can say that the Series is excellent. More on this in future reviews. What you need to ask yourself is coughing up the serious amount of $$$ worth it... that is, if you can find it.

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paddockjudge commented

Indeed an elegant whisky @whiskydallas. I've not had the 1996, but I am looking forward to it.

2 years ago 0

whiskydallas commented

the 1996 version was supplied bu a friend last week. He purchased it somewhere in the US. In live in the GTA of Ontario. I have not seen it on LCBO selves for a while. I wish you success in your tasting quest.

2 years ago 0

Victor commented

For the rest of the world, "GTA" is Ontario-speak for Greater Toronto Area. No one but Canadians and a few thousand others know this.

2 years ago 0

paddockjudge commented

@whiskydallas,there are no age statement Macallans available in Ontario because the bureaucratic labyrinth we know as the LCBO has practically alienated every respectable, and disrespectable, source of whisky on the planet. The world is a big place and Macallan 18 is available in many places other than the public monopoly retail outlets of Ontario. Thank you for your good wishes. I too hope that I will be successful in acquiring a '96 Mac 18..

2 years ago 0

BigJoe commented

@whiskydallas At 95/100 I guess it lives up to its reputation. It can be found on shelves here alongside the Macallan NAS Ruby at exactly the same price of NZ$250 (US$165) including taxes. I've considered getting a bottle but at that price I could purchase a Macallan Fine Oak 12 and a NAS Sienna and have change.

2 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

I've tried the 25 and found it a little thin at 43%. Maybe it was too early in my malt journey and maybe I would appreciate it more now... but the last 1/2 ounce is gone now...

2 years ago 0

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