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Macallan Amber 1824 Series

The Macallan Amber

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1st Nov 2020


Macallan Amber 1824 Series
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Second entry scotch within the 1824 Series (from the year the distillery was established), I had this one some time ago, back in Feb 2016, at a now defunct joint named La Chimenea (The Fireplace) in Madrid. They served it terribly (check the pic) in some ice-loaded gin glass, and even though I took most off the tasting might have been flawed ('twas written back then.)

I like the idea that these whiskies are never colored, and get their names from their original hues, which range according to maduration time from golden to amber (this review), to sienna to ruby (prepare to splash), and always being matured solely in sherry casks, Macallan trademark. That's a neat idea.

Okay, review time: a golden to amber (of course) pour with that greenish cast that sometimes appears when you let a sunbeam pierce through your dram and that I love. Aroma's got lemon drop, Valencia oranges, honey, peat. In Macallan's webpage I see something about candy and apples and vanilla and cinnamon that yours truly never got, not a hint. Zilch. No spice here. Taste is crisp and umami, well balanced as you sip it down. Medium-lasting finish with citrus-y and smoky tinges. Good.

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