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Macallan Select Oak

Caramel and Baked Apples!

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@brucefraserReview by @brucefraser

15th Oct 2009


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The Macallan Select Oak

I bought this one at World of Whiskies in London Heathrow a couple of months ago while traveling back from working in Africa. What caught my eye was the tall green box, and the fact that it was a select expression only for retail travel.

I opened the bottle the other night and have been enjoying a few drams ever since. The first note I noticed on the nose was caramel... lots of caramel, with subtle hints of baked apple.

This is a medium bodied whisky and the caramel really comes through on the first sip. Also... sweet, tones of honey. I could really taste the sherry influences as well. Smooth, but spicy! the spiciness lingers on the tongue and warms all the way down.

A thoroughly enjoyable Macallan!

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markjedi1 commented

Bruce, who are you kidding when you say you don't have the skills to write a review? This is wonderful and exactly the sort of review I would be looking for. Not just the technical terms that connoisseurs appreciate, but also no-nonsense explaining of what you thought you tasted and - most important of all - a little personal history/story, that makes it all the more interesting to read.

Looking forward to reading more of your reviews, mate.

11 years ago 0

jdcook commented

The only problem with this review is that I am left trying to figure out how I am going to get ahold of this particular whisky in my corner of Australia, and then figuring out how to pay for it...

11 years ago 0

jeanluc commented

Nicely put.

11 years ago 0

brucefraser commented

Thanks fellas!

@markjedi1 I appreciate the encouragement, thanks!

@jdcook, if you're not traveling soon, maybe someone who is could pick one up for you. As for paying for it, well I know what you mean... my whisky budget is almost used up!

11 years ago 0

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