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Mortlach 2013 9 Year Old Friday Night Simply Whisky

The Hedgehog's Dram

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@RianCReview by @RianC

23rd Sep 2023


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I've been hoovering up Mortlachs left, right and centre recently, so when I saw this had spent it's nine years in an ex sherry butt (amount of fills unknown!), I bit. Quite interested to see how it holds up at a younger age too. And, completely unrelated, I think I may have just discovered another hedgehog (one scared the bejesus out of me a few years back!) ferreting close by, trying to find a warm spot in the basement to shelter for the winter. Awww!

Bottle's been open a couple of months with 3/4's remaining. Review is with a dew drops of water and sat for 15 mins.

Nose - quite a rich nose with just the merest hint of youth. Dates, boozy banana pudding, a wisp of menthol, spices of clove and a hint of ginger, and pork fat.

Taste - full arrival of cloves and a hint of cardamom, pickled ginger, fruit cake. Savoury notes like pork crackling and beef crisps come out as it develops.

Finish - short to med. Slight dry sherry 'residue', pleasantly drying tannins and more clove (a note I seem to get in every Mortlach!).

A very pleasant drop, it must be said, but my feeling is that this is one that will likely work better as a slightly older malt. The distillery character comes through fine but it lacks some of the fullness and is a bit 'fresher' than others I've had. Still, easy to get on with and, as I like the style, it's rewarding enough. At £70 though, paying a few quid more for the G&M 15 is a much better bet.

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BlueNote commented

@RianC Sounds decent, but, as you say, the G&M 15 is hard to beat.

2 months ago 1Who liked this?

JasonHambrey commented

Most of the Mortlachs that I've had recently haven't been as meaty - nice to see some with some of those meaty notes - I like them. I find the OBs to be not bad, but moving away from the uniqueness. nice to see some more mortlach tasting notes with the meaty bits in....

about one month ago 1Who liked this?

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