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jeanluc started a discussion

I've added a new feature which allows users to see all recent network activity (just in case you've missed anything).

If the animated version on the homepage makes you dizzy, you can view it at your own pace on this page: connosr.com/activity/

14 years ago

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markjedi1 replied

Great feature as always. Indeed a bit confusing as it scrolls rather fast, but the link does make it easier to peruse.

14 years ago 0

jeanluc replied

If you hover over the panel on the homepage it does pause...

14 years ago 0

PeatAndMeat replied

@Jean-Luc this is a handy feature I now find myself using that page a lot to see where the action is happening.

14 years ago 0

WhiskyNotes replied

I don't see the point in starting the "Right now on Connosr" with "XX hours ago" and having to wait half a minute before the recent updates are shown. Wouldn't it be more logical to show the most recent updates first and going back in time? (You may want to reverse the animation as well in this case)

(the feature in itself is very useful by the way)

14 years ago 0

Connosr replied

@WhiskyNotes Thanks for the feedback, we'll take that on board.

The homepage version is essentially there to show new visitors that the network is alive. I would expect most regular visitors to use the permanent URL (and not have to sit through the animation every time).

We're planning some update to this feature including:

  • Controls on the home page version, to scroll back
  • A way to load more entries on the Network Activity page

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jdcook replied

I must admit to using this to follow interesting looking comments on reviews, which often results in expanded whisky horizons. Very cool!

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WPT replied

@jean-luc A most excellent application. I use it all the time with great success. Thank you for doing the work. Good job. I was in the IT world for 25yrs as an ancient mainframe programmer, programming mainly in Assembler or ALC inmaintenance to a very old insurance system. So, iI know what it is like to be appreciated and not.

13 years ago 0