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Nikka Yoichi 10 Year Old

A Japanese flower

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@KutterReview by @Kutter

24th May 2011


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Very interesting bottling that I received for Christmas.

Nose: The first dram I poured out of this bottle, I was surprised to found out that it is a peated whisky. Since then, I have hard time nosing any peat in this dram. Little bit of smoke or unidentified grilled aroma, very fruity, apples and some exotic fruits. A sugary note that I associated to maple syrup but I hesitated. And there was a strange note that I makes it very unique in the experiences I had since I discovered single malts. I put my nose it the glass several times and after a few tens of minutes I finally put a name on it. It was flowers. I am not good in flowers brands, so I won't try to say which flower it was, but it was definitively flowers.

Mouth: The fruits are still there, but more dry, notes of vanilla, some toffee also. very enjoyable.

Finale: Medium to long with the fruits being the dominant.

It is a very nice dram, quite expensive in Canada, but it is a journey to discovery outside Scotland. The Japanese at Nikka mastered the art of Whisky as they master everything they but their hearts in. I recommand it to everyone who wants to try something new, but well done.

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Megawatt commented

Nice review. Japanese whiskies seem to have a sugary and floral aroma to them that sets them apart. Try to find Yamazaki if you can.

10 years ago 0

peanutaxis commented

This is the only Japanese whisky I have tried, but there are only two words which describe it. Absolutely. Seamless. And I'm not even a fan of smoky/peaty whisky.

8 years ago 0

systemdown commented

Completely agreed @peanutaxis - the peat is so soft and aromatic and the whisky itself is like silk. I've not had anything like it before. I'll be posting a review soon. And thanks to @Kutter for this review!

8 years ago 0

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