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Off topic category?

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PeatAndMeat started a discussion

Is there room for an off-topic wall category here or do you want to keep it purely about whisky? Like you could have for "Wine, beer and other spirits". Just a passing thought.

9 years ago

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jeanluc replied

@PeatAndMeat We're completely open to suggestions on wall categories. I'll throw it back to the community, what does everyone think?

9 years ago 0


I think less is always more. Keep things clean as they are now. I am convinced though, we shouldn't refrain from going in depth about anything that is related to the core subject. There are tons of sites and networks that handle the rest. It would distract me to see beer here and I couldn't see the point to let other spirits clutter the backbone structure of this gem unless it would concern turning that beer into a malt cocktail. Do you get my point of view?

9 years ago 0

LeFrog replied

@John-Mc-Windows I think that's pretty good advice.

9 years ago 0

markjedi1 replied

While I'm sure wine, beer and other topics might be interested, I wouldn't look for them here and feel it would distract from the core issues of this site. Sorry @PeatAndMeat.

9 years ago 0

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