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Old Charter 8 Year Old

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Old Charter 8 Year Old

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Old Charter 8 Year Old

Old Charter is a 19th century brand of bourbon which was purchased by Buffalo Trace in 1999. Like 95% of bourbons it is a rye mashbill bourbon.

Nose: sweet caramel, honey: all high and some middle notes

Taste: bass and middle notes of wood are what you experience most in the mouth, but not in the nose. There is still caramel, and some vanilla, moderate sweetness, and considerable spice. The bottle being tasted has been open over one year, and I notice that in that time the flavours have actually opened up markedly and improved a great deal.

Finish: moderate for most elements, with the spice and wood lasting long

Balance: If I had done this review a year ago I would have rated this whiskey 8 pts lower. This is pleasant if you like sweet caramel, but there is nothing here to make this bourbon stand out compared to others.

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