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Old Pulteney 12 Year Old

Sail Away

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@AKGcandlefishReview by @AKGcandlefish

17th Feb 2013


Old Pulteney 12 Year Old
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Color: gold.

Nose: earthy, grassy, and grainy, with an undercurrent of leather and brine. A drop of water brings out hints of vanilla and honeysuckle.

Body: medium, oily.

Palate: wow. This is interesting. Very spicy. Loads of pepper and a pinch of salt. But sweet too, with notes of coffee, chocolate, almonds, and oatmeal raisin cookies. Way more complex and sweet than the nose suggests.

Finish: pretty short but packs a punch and a mouth full of cocoa, cinnamon, and butterscotch.

This was a great surprise with a lot of bang for your buck. An excellent starter Scotch or just a nice one to have on hand for an afternoon dram or sharing with friends.

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Rigmorole commented

Yet another intriguing review of the 12. Strangely, I've only tasted the 17 and 21. The 12 seems like a great buy. I'm acquiring two more bottles of 21 in another state while on a business trip (since the 21 is not sold in Oregon). Maybe the 12 is a really good (and less expensive) alternative, which is sold right down the street at my local liquor shop. Thanks for the review.

11 years ago 0

AKGcandlefish commented

Not sure why, but the 12 was hard to come by here for a while. Couldn't find it anywhere until this year. I hear the 21 is great. Hope to work my way up to that someday.

11 years ago 0