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Average score from 1 reviews and 11 ratings 71


Product details

  • Brand: Paddy
  • Bottler: Unknown
  • ABV: 40.0%

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I am a fan of Irish whiskey, but this one took my enthusiasm down a few notches.

This blend has a lively nose with citrus and flowers, but the grain is predominant.

On the palate it's smooth, too smooth. No complexity at all. Toffee, vanilla and oak.

The finish is dry and short and even a little bitter at the death.

No, sir, Paddy is not my buddy. Jameson is much better in my book.

I once asked a colleague to bring this for me from Ireland. It was for another work-mate who had done me a big favour and he said it was his favourite Irish whiskey.

She came back with one bottle for me to give to him. She also brought me a sample se from Cooley distillery. She had said she considered getting Paddy's for me too but could not bring herself to do it because as far as she was concerned it was no better than "aftershave".

6,5 stars for a bad blend??

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