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Penderyn Peated

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6th Jun 2014


Penderyn Peated
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I love that Penderyn bottle at 46%, it really lets the whisky showcase itself. The peated expression is very pale. The malted barley is not actually peated but the peat is imparted by storing the spirit in scotch casks that previously held peated Whisky.

The nose offers light smoke, floral and melon.

On the power the smoke is light but not over powering and then fades to fruit. Apple and vanilla.

The finish is fairly long spicy, fading fruit, and lingering light smoke.

It is smooth and light and I do really like it. If anything it doesn't really know what it is. It's not peaty enough to satisfy "peat heads" like an Islay and its fruity but not quite "juicy" enough to be a full on summer dram. It is an intriguing mixture which kind of sets its own place. If you want an Islay or Longrow then this might not be for you but if you want a nicely put together, classy malt which is different from the big peat bogs then this could be it.

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