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Penderyn Peated

Hey sugar sugar

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@PierreReview by @Pierre

24th Jul 2010


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Nose: peat of course but quite sweet and accompanied by something musty. It's like a hint of sweaty sock - not dissimilar to the smell you get with some parma ham. Interesting but I can't make up my mind if I like it.

Taste: sweeter than I expected given that this is labelled a peated expression, I know that many peaty whiskies are sweet but some how my expectation was for something dryer and smokier. It also tastes quite spirity to me, there is no age statement on the bottle so I wonder if this is simply a little too young?

Finish: once the spirity burn subsides the finish comes quite quickly with a short and not very satisfying sweetness.

Comments: overall I'm not bowled over by this whisky - I preferred the sherried expression I tried recently from the same distillery.

That being said its not bad - just maybe not to my taste. I wonder if this might be a good one for a beginner who wants to taste something peaty but isn't ready for the gems of Islay. The sweetness might sugar the pill so to speak. For me it wouldn't be a go to whisky.

It's worth pointing out the packaging is beautiful.

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markjedi1 commented

I tried this one last weekend at a whisky restaurant and share your underwhelmed enthusiasm. I also tried the Penderyn Madeira Finish and that was much more to my liking. To be honest, I think the Penderyn product simply isn't meant for peaty expressions.

11 years ago 0

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