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Port Charlotte PC6

Peat meets sweet

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@drjohnhawkinsReview by @drjohnhawkins

25th Aug 2009


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An interesting Islay this one - peaty but very sweet. Not so much a typical sherried type of sweetness (I assume this is the influence of the Madeira casks?) but more reminiscent of vanilla sponge cake sweetness. Cupcakes or fairy cakes? A hint of fudge perhaps? With water a lot of the sweetness goes, giving way to white wine notes.

I much preferred it undiluted. It's a rich, well rounded and very enjoyable malt.

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JonasPothelm commented

I am familiar with the PC 6 - one of the finest memorys of my Islay-trip. The PC 6 (from the Bruichladdich distillery, not from the long-time-ago-closed Port Charlotte distillery) is a heavy peated (up to 60 ppm) pearl of what Islay stands for. When you wake up the morning after, your mounth is still filled with peat, smoke and leather ! Fir Jim Murray, the PC 6 is a peat-orgasm. Bruichladdich also produces the even more peated Octomore-serie (80 ppm), if you dare ... After a dram of PC 6, even the Ardbeg 10 y tastes like a very light whisky. A very interesting experiment, because the Ardbeg thereveals a scala of tastes and flavours that was unknown before, i.e. hidden by the peat ! And this again brings new appreciations for the Ardbeg.

12 years ago 0

jeanluc commented

The 'to dilute' or 'not to dilute' dilemma seems to be magnified with the peatier whiskies.

On one hand you develop some of the complexities but on the other you lose a bit of the raw hit that I love about these Islays.

12 years ago 0

JohnoftheYard commented

I may be missing the point here with these massive peated drams but, like with the Supernova, arn't these whiskies just being a bit laddish going for overwhelming Peat for the sake of it? I've not had the PC6 but I don't imagine it being all that different from the 5 and 8 which I have had. Also not diluting a 60% whisky will rip your mouth to bits, like a over spiced curry leaving you tasting nothing but chilli etc. I did like the comment by Jonas regarding the morning after, I'm not sure how I would find waking up with Peat in my mouth but each to their own.

The Captain.

12 years ago 0

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