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Port Charlotte PC6

Time heals all wounds

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RReview by @Rigmorole

12th Jan 2014


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I was pretty hard on PC6 a few months ago, and it has improved noticeably in the bottle with time and air. Here is my new amended sentiments:

Nose: Sea salt, musty books, autumn leaves, sugar in the raw, distant malt. This reminds me of my grandmother's muslin curtains in Seaside Oregon. I miss her. She was such a nice person. Gone now. I dedicate this review to her!

Palate: Raw power, taste explosion, pleasingly sour malt, salt, peat,

Finish: lingering malt, warm goodness, burning wet logs, sea air.

A touch of the "Longrow" nose is still there. The Longrow-style palate is all but gone now, and I'm glad. As much as I like Longrow, it doesn't belong in a glass of PC6, IMO. Yes, I know this whisky is young, but still. . . .

PC6 AND PC7 SIDE BY SIDE COMPARISION I have compared the PC6 and the PC7 side by side. They both have their advantages. My friend, Ron, prefers the PC7. He says it's more caramelly. Well, I'm not so sure now. The noses are fairly similar to me. The palates are not. The finishes are not. The PC6 is more complex and more demanding.

The PC7 is strong but the 6 is stronger in terms of bombast. In a way, the 7 seems more powerful until one really compares the two side by side. The 6 has more gravitas. And I'm not merely saying that because "you know who" gave it such a high rating. I have one more bottle of the PC6 (unopened) and I will not part with it for anything now. Sorry, folks, you missed your chance. I would have traded it once, but no longer. . . .

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Victor commented

@rigmorole, I find your youtube reviews to be very entertaining. Thank you. Somehow your level of enthusiasm was far greater in your review of the PC6 than it was for the An Cnoc 12. Perhaps because you liked the PC6 much more than you liked the An Cnoc 12.

6 years ago 1Who liked this?

Rigmorole commented

Yes, Victor, you are quite right. My enthusiasm is obvious for the PC6 and my lack thereof (for An Cnoc 12) is apparently also noticeable ; ) It's great to hear your impressions of my reviews. I'm having fun doing them!

6 years ago 0

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