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Redbreast 15 Year Old

Irish Whiskey Part II

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@talexanderReview by @talexander

17th Mar 2012


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This afternoon at the office, I poured my second of three Irish whiskies I'll be reviewing over the next couple of days. I've always wanted to try this one, as I had never had a pure pot still Irish whiskey before.

I'm sure glad I did! It's colour is a light honey colour, somewhat oily in the glass. Nose is an amazingly subtle mix of toffee, lemon meringue, nutmeg, tropical fruit and also apples, vanilla, and plum pudding. The more I inhale, the more fruits come through.

In the mouth it turns into Christmas cake with candied cherries, but there is some heat on the tip of the tongue that overpowers it a little, and water does little to tame that down. Oaky but not overpoweringly so. More spices (cloves) and malty notes in the mouth. Oily mouthfeel, which I really like.

The finish is long and hot, and a little metallic. Nicely balanced between the smoothness of triple distillation and the rawness of a pot still. Puts it somewhere between an Irish blend and a single malt Scotch - but it is unmistakably Irish. I really enjoy this and am very eager to try the 12 year old. This was a big hit in the office as well!

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Abunadhman commented

Great Review,Tom: Pretty much as I found it with my emphasis on 'silky smooth'! Expensive here; Haven't seen the Cask Strength but by the Aussie pricing standard I would, probably, have to sell a kidney to get one.


8 years ago 0

talexander commented

@A'bunadhman, it is silky smooth. I have a bottle of the 12 year old, which is also pretty great! I don't expect to see the cask strength, nor the 21 year old, here in Ontario any time soon. Planning a trip to Ireland with my girlfriend in 2015…good thing she loves Irish whiskey!

8 years ago 0

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