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Roe & Co

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Roe & Co

The first expression from a new brand - launched in January 2017 - created by Diageo. Roe & Co is named after George Roe who operated a distillery in Dublin - at one time Ireland’s largest - next door to the, Diageo owned, Guinness Brewery.

In the first instance Diageo will be sourcing liquid for the blend from other distilleries but the long term plan is to build a new distillery in the Guinness Power House site in Dublin. The location of the new distillery is a matter of yards from the original Roe operation. The new facility will be known as the St James’ Gate Distillery.

Diageo say that Roe & Co is a premium blended Irish whiskey. They are also keen to position it as a good liquid for cocktails. Peter O’Connor, brand ambassador for Roe & Co, says, "We’re positioning it as a 21st-century Irish whiskey and getting it into cocktails, where Irish whiskey is hugely under-represented."

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