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Jdiddy started a discussion

Anyone care to trade samples? I have a pretty nice collection and would love to trade samples to try some that that I may not have. Let me know if interested. Send me a message if interested.

13 years ago

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I just bought a bunch of 2oz bottles online, they should arrive early next week. Maybe then?

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AboutChoice replied

@wwwdotcomdotnet, I have bottles from specialtybottle.com, but they are quite pricey, esp the shippng. Might I ask where you got yours from ? Thanks.

13 years ago 0

Youngupstart replied

@Jdiddy I am very interested in this, if you would like to I can do smaller sized trades, between half ounce and ounce, my online cabinet does not fully represent what I can trade though. Maybe we could try sending about 4-6 of some discussed size along with discussing the trading samples as well, that would be great.

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