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By @Tom92 @Tom92 on 1st May 2019, show post

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BlueNote replied

@Wierdo This is turning out to be quite an educational thread. I'll continue to have my member friend get me anything that he's tasted that sounds good. I'm getting the impression that the full membership is not worth it, especially out here in the colonies.

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TracerBullet replied

@BlueNote Sounds like I need to find a friend like yours! stuck_out_tongue

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Nozinan replied


I'm confused. What does that mean? I translated the code and it comes out as something that does not let me post to the thread.

The first character is an x

The second is an o with something on top

And the third character is the @ sign

But when I put them together this is what I get: xð@

It must have been an invisible character before the X that screwed it up.

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‘This is turning out to be quite an educational thread.’ You can say that again @BlueNote!

Learning a lot from this one.

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BlueNote replied

One thing the SMWS has going for it is those seriously cool green bottles.

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RianC replied

@Nozinan - ha ha! It wasn't meAnt to mean anything other than an attempt to speak in code blush

Just a failed attempt at humour I guess ...

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Wierdo replied

@RianC must be the Britsh sense of humour. I knew instantly you were taking the p**s. I then thought @Nozinan was carrying on the joke!

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Wierdo replied

Flipping excelled themselves the SMWS today. Sent me an email saying 'beat the January blues by buying one of these bottles.' The email contained links to bottles that had already sold out by the time they sent the email.

'You know what SMWS I think a single cask Caol Ila might help me beat the January blues.

Oh what's that you say it's sold out?

Nevermind that bottle of Bunnahabhain you are suggesting would be an adequate alternative to the Caol Ila.

Sorry come again? That's sold out too? That is rather irksome. Sorry could you repeat that? You have plenty of the bottles of Glendullan left if I'm interested? No I don't want a f******g bottle of Glendullan. Nobody wants a f******g bottle of Glendullan. What even is Glendullan? I've never heard of it'

To top it all off to mark Burns night they paid famous Scottish writers to plug the bottles. It's like they're actively trolling us.

'We took your membership fee and gave it to this writer who's absolutely loaded anyway. They recommend you buy the Bunnahabhain because its great.....but you can't because we haven't got any to sell. Don't forget to renew.'

I want to know if they sent this email to other customers or they just composed it to send to me to wind me up after I messaged them to tell them I didn't think they were up to much and I wasn't renewing?

That would actually be quite funny.

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BlueNote replied

@Wierdo Wow, if that’s how it works in the motherland I hesitate to think what a membership would entitle one to out here in the far flung reaches of the empire. But, hey, as compensation we might have the privilege of picking up the tab for Harry and Meghan when they come to stay.

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This is hilarious @Wierdo....haha!

I mean, for me of course.... not for you brother!

Yeah.... I definitely wouldn’t be renewing if I were you.

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Tom92 replied

@Wierdo I completely agree with you about the flavour profiles. I don’t like the flavour profiles. Some whiskies don’t fall into the category they’ve been put in at all. I know it’s a personal taste ultimately, but some really don’t seem to near the right profile. But then I don’t put too much in stall via the distillery. Sister casks that have probably sat right next to each other for entire maturation, released at same age and exact same style of cask, ie first fill bourbon hoggie etc, can taste completely different to each other and completely different to the general style that the distillery releases themselves. Putting more emphasis on single cask as oppose to distillery.

That email you received with everything sold out annoys me too, most likely reason being these bottles sold out that quick being popular but still annoying none the less.

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RianC replied

@Wierdo - well, they certainly helped beat the blues ... beat you round the head with them, actually smile

Reminds me of ...

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Wierdo replied

With regard to questions about SMWS bottles being brought by flippers? This is a link to the just whisky auction currently running and specifically a bottle of the Laphroaig I was moaning about earlier in the thread that had been released just before Christmas and there were only 8 bottles available of 249.


Seems a flipper managed to buy one of the 8 bottles. There are several more SMWS bottles available on the current Just Whisky auction and they appear on whisky hammer all the time which is the other auction site I follow.

It's bad enough missing out on the latest Springbank special release to a flipper but at least I don't have to pay for the privilege of having access to buying bottles and then miss out. But I have to say. Paying a yearly membership to give me the chance to buy bottles I'd like, to then miss out on a bottle because it was brought by a flipper is particularly irritating. Feels like I'm funding their arsehole behaviour in some way.

I think the SMWS should code each bottle individually and then occasionally buy back their bottles from auctions or shops. When they find out the code of the bottle cancel the person's membership. Get people to sign a disclosure before they join that they wont resell the bottle for a period of x years after purchase otherwise their membership will be terminated.

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RianC replied

@Wierdo - I remember MoM having two bottles of some Karuizawa a few years back. They split one into samples and raffled off the other but did so after tampering with the label so as to stop any profiteering further down the line.

They got some dogs abuse for it from some, as you'd expect, but, in the main, most applauded them for their integrity.

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Tom92 replied

I’m all for a system where any members that on sell bottles lose their membership, simple disclose as you say stating your buy these bottles for personal drinking, if people complain then they aren’t really in it for the whisky so good riddance. If There was a way to do so legally, once a bottle was purchased and about to be sent out, to peel off the top seal cap, that way no on sale is possible. But could imagine wouldn’t go down well with on sellers.

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Frost replied

@Wierdo what a story...easy pass on joining this club.

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BlueNote replied

@Tom92 That's a good idea, but I don't think it would fly. Maybe something like you can't sell it for more than you paid for it, but again, very difficult to enforce. Speculation is a fact of life these day, in fact always has been and it's unlikely to change.

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