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Singleton of Dufftown 12 Year Old

Positively undrinkable

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@demReview by @dem

18th Dec 2010


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Think of chewing a handful of pencil shavings with marshmallow. That's what it tastes like.

I was unlucky to buy a bottle of this stuff and tried really hard to get my money's worth. No joy. Having tried a few dozen whiskeys so far, I thought I could drink anything. This one is positively undrinkable though.

The first impression is good: the bottle design (a star for that), a-touch-heavy-but-pleasant sweet and woody nose (two stars for that). The first sip comes with a massive oily wave of floral sweetness followed by a bitter and unpleasant rambling finish which makes me shiver. It's quite a struggle to force the second portion of this stuff down.

Adding water does not improve the situation as it makes the nose too sweet and heavy. You can play the sweetness down by adding a few ice cubes, but then the whiskey becomes more oily and the bitterness seems to stick to your tongue sending even more shivers down your spine.

Can't drink it, shall use it for cooking or something.

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salthepal commented

I wondered where the 'pencil shavings and marshmallow' comment which I have seen referred to elsewhere originated. I think I can see where he is coming from but the comment and score seem rather cruel. I wonder whether this dram has changed since 2010 since most of the recent reviews which I can find about this malt seem to be benign and it tasted superficially very good to me. Perhaps it needs to be drunk quickly!! What interests me more are the recipes to which dem has consigned the remainder of the bottle. I was once given a bottle of Old Rhodsu which had universally awful reviews and I couldn't find a single recipe which was improved by the addition of even a minim. If dem will give me the recipes I shall drink the Singleton and add the Old Rhodsu to a new dish.

9 years ago 0

dem commented

Well... some 6 years later I still have about a quarter of the bottle left. After a few trials and errors I found the best recipe to utilise this whisky - Marie-Helene's apple cake:


Would definitely recommend trying this recipe.

3 years ago 0

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