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Singleton of Dufftown 12 Year Old

A rooky not a rocky.

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@ClanVidelaReview by @ClanVidela

10th Mar 2013


Singleton of Dufftown 12 Year Old
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I mainly picked this whisky up because of two things. first, solid reviews on major whisky sites. Second, it's a rather stunning bottle. Yes a bit of a shame ultimately deciding on the packaging but the thin elegant convexed bottle is without a doubt a real looker. But how does it live up the hype?

On the nose you got raisins, sherry, a bit of dried hay and maple syrup. With a bit of water the sweetness takes over with notes of chewing gum and honey.

On the palate lots of malt some wood and a bit of sherry but nothing exciting happens after that. It has no legs so to speak.

The finish is actually rather long with lots of sherry and some more wood at the end, a bit bitterness as well but not unpleasant.

The big problem with this whisky is that it seems like an unfinished whisky. It lacks the style of being smooth like Irish whiskey and it has little to non character like scotch. It's intriguing to smell and has a nice finish but while in the mouth it's rather dull and offers little reward.

Having this said it is an OK whisky to have at home for everyday use but it's not something you'll want to return to time after time. For the price I would go for another Speyside whisky or why not an Irish one?

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Lifewaterforce commented

Shame that it isn't the malt many were pitching it to be, was also thinking of making an impulse purchase because of the good-looking bottle. The reason i didn't pick it up was, not to sound smart or anything, that it seemed to be more style over substance

11 years ago 0