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Springbank SMWS 27.92 Wake-up Call

A Society To Finally Belong To!

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@SquidgyAshReview by @SquidgyAsh

5th Sep 2012


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I've heard about The Society for the last year or so, a society of whisky lovers, a society of whisky geeks like me.

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society.

I'd wanted to join for a long time, but it's around $200 AUS for the membership and gift pack that comes with it, otherwise you can buy a single bottle to get membership.

But the bottles are a little pricey and there's always another bottle for me to buy.

But I sat there and dreamed.

For A Long Time.

But now I'm planning a trip to Scotland and the Edinburgh flats that they had for rent for members there looked really good and reasonably priced.

So I decided to join in anticipation of renting a flat for my brother, my wife and myself.

Ten days later my membership arrived along with four 100ml sample bottles.

Two ten year olds, a fifteen year old and a twenty-one year old.

I hop online to pull up the distillery information to see what distilleries I received.

A Campbeltown, an Islay and two Speysides.


I decide to crack open the Campbeltown due to the fact that I've had the least amount of experience with that region of Scotland and I'm really curious as to what that area of Scotland holds in store for me.

It's from Springbank and it's ten years old, bottled at 53.5% ABV and is called Wake-up Call.

The nose is EXTREMELY complex with aromas that intrigue and suck me in.

The bottle calls the nose smouldering and I have to be honest that's a bloody good description of it.

Smouldering coconuts, vanilla, chocolate and charcoal draw me in and finally when I add two drops of water to the glencairn the beach appears.

Time to take a drink!

Intense flavors (Thank you Cask Strength whiskies!) dance across the palate.

Limes, lemons, nuts, fish?, toffee, and smouldering chocolate fill the mouth and slide down my throat to burst in my stomach.


The finish is long and intense with chocolate, creme caramel and a hint of fruit at the end of it.

Something very different from my normal Speyside, Bourbon, Islay and Highland whiskies.

It's not something that I could drink real often, but very enjoyable for an occasional deviation which is not like anything else I've had.

Now to the uncool part for those who do not live in Australia.

You can only buy a bottle of this from The Scotch Malt Whisky Society. It's extremely limited, probably only 300 to 400 bottles and would probably run at around $150 to $200 AUS.

Now I REALLY can't wait to try the Islay!

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