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Suntory Yamazaki 12 Year Old

Empire of the Sun

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@blrbwmnReview by @blrbwmn

12th Nov 2009


Suntory Yamazaki 12 Year Old
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This is a fine example of a beautiful whisky, not from Scotland.

What I get from the nose is a warm summers day. Running through a field, hands touching the wheat. Imagine that recurring scene from Gladiator - see: www.youtube.com/watch

On the body: This tastes of Asia. I get the smokey streets of China and the sometimes odd smells associated with them. I get a spicey woody smokey street vendors stand, cooking some odd sweet foodstuff. see: www.youtube.com/watch

There is a long and lingering finish. It is nice but is slightly sulfuric and a bit unpleasant at the same time. A bit like this - pleasant but not so off putting at the same time: s69344.gridserver.com/VTV19_56

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jeanluc commented

Good review Blair. I enjoyed the video links to help paint the picture too.

I bought a Yamazaki bottling from SMWS recently and its a really spicy interesting dram.

14 years ago 0

Arup commented

Thank you very much for your fair review of Suntory. I have always admired this whiskey from the land of the rising Sun and your review parallels my opinion. Too bad so called whiskey snobs don't acknowledge this fine drink just like beer snobs refuse to give credit to Sapporo.

14 years ago 0

jdcook commented

I've heard good things about this particular dram, and better things about the 18(?) year old product. Too many malts, not enough money... ;)

14 years ago 0

blrbwmn commented

I much prefer the 18 but the best has to be the 1984 - it's awesome!

13 years ago 0

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