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Talisker 10 Year Old

talisker 10 year old

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@chicoReview by @chico

27th Nov 2011


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Nose: Olives, pepper, cinder toffee, with water - bonfire smoke Taste: Sea salt, pepper, pears, rhubarb and custard sweets. Develops into spicy notes with peat coming through Finish: Olives and sea salt

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FMichael commented

Agree 100%...When I cracked open my bottle - olives was immediate - followed by some salt, and a combo of smoke/pepper.

Wonderful dram; glad I revisited this particular malt!

9 years ago 0

systemdown commented

Interesting, I didn't get olives in mine. It was a 2005 bottling though, have not tried recent Talisker 10 for comparison.

9 years ago 0

dutch commented

I didn't get olives at all. But the sea salt, pepper and peat. Yes! I'd almost say there's a freshly done oak table in there as well, if that makes any sense to anyone.

9 years ago 0

Keith10284 commented

I was about 17 when I first tried this whisky. I was given a glass by a friends father & we chatted for ages. At first, it knocked me sideways,(I didn't know how to drink whisky then). But when the initial bite passed, it is just so smooth. Although he is no longer with us, I always think of that day when I have a glass. Great stuff & the salty, peaty flavour is just lovely. That sweet, cinder like aroma compliments the flavour perfectly. I actually have another bottle on order. Can't beat the stuff.

8 years ago 0

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