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Talisker 10 Year Old

Spicy Classic

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@whiskyjourneyReview by @whiskyjourney

8th Mar 2013


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Nose: You want to take your time with this nose, and savor every moment. The aromas range from the sea salt and peat smoke (not heavy like an Islay though) to a spicy dagger of cinnamon and spice. Tucked inside the cocoon of spicy light smoke are pear notes and sweet fruits.

Palate: Spice, much more aggressive that on the nose. Subtle sweet smoke mixed with sea spray. The apples and pears are back again and balanced with the peppery spice. The Island notes are here too, with a briny undertone. Nice body, almost like a slightly diluted syrup.

Finish: Very warming…and a spicy tingle waves goodbye after a lengthy finish.


Being the coastal flavor loving peat-head that I am, I truly enjoy Talisker 10. Although it should be noted that this whisky is not exactly an introductory dram for a newbie. It has some new and bold flavors that would be enjoyed by a slightly more experienced drinker that is at the stage where they are desiring something new. This is a dram for a cold day filled with precipitation…truly one worth getting acquainted with. An intrepid classic that will have a spot on my shelf for years to come.

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Rigmorole commented

Try the Talisker 18 if you can. It's fantastic. Everything good in the 10 is magnified and everything less than fantastic just isn't there.

7 years ago 0

whiskyjourney commented

Thanks rigmorole! I have had the Talisker 18 once before, but it has been so long, I think you are correct...I need to revisit it. I actually got super lucky and got to try the Talisker 25 last night at a whisky tasting...I'll try and do a write up soon...

7 years ago 0

teebone673 commented

Thanks for the review. Talisker 10 is the one of those bottles I make sure never gets too low before buying another. Love the stuff. Look forward to your notes on Talisker 25.

7 years ago 0

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