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Talisker Port Ruighe

Well below expectations!

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@MaltActivistReview by @MaltActivist

19th Jul 2013


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One has come to expect, and quite fairly, good things from Talisker. The standard 10, the lovely 18 and the delicious 57 North are the reasons for that. So, as a fan, it's disappointing to try hard and eke out positives from their last two No Age Statements; Storm & Port Ruighe. This is what I think about the latter.

At first there is the reassuring and familiar sea salty dampness that one expects from all malts from Skye. There is then a healthy ladle of meat stew with thick chunks of sausage sprinkled liberally with fiery black peppercorns. Cold cuts on the side are accompanied by a bowlful of pomegranate and raisins. I quite like it which makes the delivery that much more disappointing.

You are greeted with an unbalanced palate of caramel, molasses, spicy clove mixed with cherry syrup and a stick of licorice. It has all the ingredients to make this a cracker but I think the spirit weighs far too heavy on the spicier notes not allowing the gentler sweeter profiles to come through. Plus there is a nagging bitterness in there some which is hard to catch.

The lingering, spicy finish also retains the little bit of bitterness.

I really wanted this to blow me away. Instead it chose to remain borderline average.

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Rigmorole commented

Great review. It's really refreshing to hear an honest up-front opinion.

10 years ago 0

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